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    Swienty A/S
    Hørtoftvej 16, Ragebøl
    6400 Sønderborg
    Tel. +45 7448 6969
    Fax. +45 7448 8001
    Cvr: 19534332

    Managing directors
    Bjørn & Lotte Swienty Andresen

    Banking accounts
    Sydbank Sønderborg
    Sydbank Flensborg

    These sales conditions by Swienty A/S are valid for all contracts that a consumer or entrepreneur enters into with Swienty A/S concerning the goods and/or services displayed in this online shop. The inclusion of the customer's own conditions is herewith objected to, unless other terms have been stipulated. These conditions also apply to the delivery of goods displayed in the print catalogue unless expressly provided otherwise. Customers in the sense of these conditions are both consumers and entrepreneurs, whereas a consumer is any natural person who concludes a legal transaction for a purpose which can be attributed neither to his/her commercial nor independent professional occupation. An entrepreneur is defined as a natural person, a legal entity or an incorporated partnership independently engaged in a trade or business at the point in time that the contract is concluded.

    Formation of a contract
    In case of conclusion of a contract, said contract is concluded with:

    Swienty A/S
    Hørtoftvej 16, Ragebøl
    6400 Sønderborg
    Tel. +45 7448 6969
    Fax. +45 7448 8001
    Cvr: 19534332

    The webshop with the corresponding goods does not constitute a binding offer. It is a ‘invitatio ad offerendum’, an invitation to make an offer by making an order. From our side the offer is accepted either via email or by dispatching the ordered good(s) within a week. After this time limit, the offer is considered declined. When making an order in our webshop the following rules apply: The consumer makes a binding offer by completing the order process successfully.

    The order process is as follows:

    • You choose one or several products.
    • You confirm your selection by using the button "Buy” or "Add to basket”.
    • Now your selected items can be found in the basket.
    • Confirm the selection by pressing "Go to checkout”.
    • Enter your payment- and delivery terms.
    • Agree with the sales conditions.
    • The binding offer from your side is made by pressing the button: "Continue to payment” and thereby completing the order process.

    The consumer can, at any time, go back and make changes to their information and correct mistakes by pressing the back button in their browser, or cancel the order process by closing the browser, before completing the binding order. The automatic confirmation does not constitute the acceptance of the order. The acceptance will be made in written form or by dispatching the items within a week. We send you the order details and sales conditions via email. The sales conditions can also be accessed at any time via: 

    For safety reasons, your order details are not accessible online (except with login in the dealer portal).

    We provide the following methods of payment:
    Prepayment by direct SWIFT into our account
    Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard)

    All prices in the English version of our shop are displayed in Euros and include the respective countries VAT. EU customers with a valid VAT number and customers from outside the EU do not pay VAT. If you live inside the EU and have a VAT-registered business, you are eligible for VAT-free delivery. Please inform us of your VAT registration-number and address. Pricing in our webshop is an indication only and we reserve us the right to cancel an order due to changes in our cost prices based on changes in item or shipping costs or due to mistakes in the price list. We will of course contact you in this case. Please note! Should the price be set at an obviously too low price as e.g. Euro 0.00 or 0.10, this means that the price has not been set and is only available upon request. For technical reasons, we have these prices set up to be able to show the item to you in our shop. In other words, the price of 0.10 Euros etc. is NOT the actual price and cannot be claimed.

    Swienty A/S will always try to send the order via the cheapest possible freight channel, unless something else is requested and agreed in advance. As soon as the goods have been picked up from our address, we consider the deal as a binding contract between you and Swienty A/S. 

    Our online shop will estimate the shipping prices to your destination; however, we reserve the right to change these prices. Should the shipping rate be lower than estimated by the shop, we will charge the lower amount without prior notice, should the shipping rate be higher than estimated, we will contact you prior to shipment.

    Our web shop shows you whether the item is in stock or not. All items that are not in stock according to our web shop, but are ordered by the customer, will be shipped as soon as they are back in stock. Should a stock-notified item not be in stock, or are there, against expectation, complications or changes in connection with the ordered product (the freight, etc.), you will be contacted by our sales department to reach an agreement. The risk of accidental loss and the accidental deterioration of the goods shall pass to the buyer upon surrender, also with sales shipment, if not explicitly agreed otherwise.

    Sale to countries outside the EU including the Faroe Islands and Greenland
    Our goods are sold excluding VAT to customers outside the EU and must always be paid prior to delivery. It is our company policy to ship all orders in stock from our warehouse no later than one business day after receiving your payment. If no one is available at the recipient’s address, the shippers will try to do their very best to get in contact with you. Normally, however, they will try to contact you a maximum of 3 times. Hereafter, the goods will be returned to Swienty A/S at your cost. If the goods have not been received within a reasonable time span, please contact us at or call us at tel.+45 7448 6969. Please be aware that in countries outside the European Union, customs and VAT may be charged by the customs authorities of the respective country, that exceed the invoiced amount. We recommend to contact your local customs authority and request information on the current rates.

    Retention of title
    We reserve the rights to the goods until all due payments from the current business relationship, including all owed receivables [...] from the current account have been received and until cheques and bills of exchange have been honored.

    If you would like to cancel or change your order, please send us an email to or call us under: +45 7448 6969. If the item has not been shipped yet, we will accept the changes and cancelation at any time. If the item has been shipped, it has to be returned in compliance with the applicable regulations.

    Right of revocation for consumers
    If the customer is a consumer, he has a right of revocation in accordance with the following terms. The right of revocation does not apply for consumers that have not been part of a member country of the European Union at the time of transaction and whose sole residency and delivery address were outside the European Union at the time of transaction.

    Revocation instruction
    You have the right to return the received goods within 14 (fourteen) days after receipt without giving any reasons. The right of revocation expires 14 days after the day that you, or a third person appointed by you, that is not the carrier, takes the good(s) in possession. In order to exercise your right of revocation, you have to inform us of your decision to revoke the contract with a clear statement (e.g. via mail, fax or e-mail).

    Swienty A/S
    Hørtoftvej 16, Ragebøl
    6400 Sønderborg
    Tel. +45 7448 6969
    Fax. +45 7448 8001
    Cvr: 19534332

    Revocation consequences
    If you revoke this contract, we will reimburse all payments we received from you concerning this order, including delivery costs (excluding additional costs that arise from choosing another than our cheapest standard delivery), immediately and latest 14 days after your statement revoking the contract reached us. We will use the same method of payment as used in the original transaction if not explicitly agreed otherwise with you. We will under no circumstances charge a fee for this refund. The refund is however only made after we received the good(s) or after receiving verification, that you have sent the good(s) back (earliest of the two events). You are required to send the good(s) back to us immediately and in any case within 14 days from the day you informed us about your decision to revoke the contract. This requirement shall have been satisfied if you send the good(s) within the 14 days. You bear the direct cost of returning the goods.

    The warranty provisions according to EU regulations for customers who have placed an order from within the EU as a consumer shall apply without restrictions.

    Contracts with us can be made in English, Danish and German. 

    Consumer goods and sealed items (e.g. beefeed, cosmetics or DVDs) can only be returned unopened within 14 days after reception and in case of prior agreement with us. If not agreed otherwise, the customer bears the costs of returning the goods. Should you receive goods that have broken during transport, please tell the courier at the time of delivery, and contact us as quickly as possible at or on +45 7448 6969. We will then guide you through the return of the goods. If it happens, that we send you the wrong item(s), please contact us to arrange the return of the item, and delivery of the correct one. We never receive returned items that have been shipped to our address unless this was agreed in advance. When returning goods, we kindly ask you to enclose a copy of the invoice and (if possible) a brief justification for the return as a separate letter, or as a comment on the invoice. Return of goods is at your own risk and at your own expense. We therefore encourage the shipment to be sent as a registered letter, or as a package with a package label, so that it is possible to track the package in case of loss and thus have the package replaced. We always ask you to contact us if you want to return a product before the item is shipped so we can arrange further details with you.

    Links to and from other materials on our website
    Swienty is free to add hyperlinks to third party websites. Swienty has no control over the linked websites, and Swienty is in no way responsible for the content of such a linked site or of any website linked to on such linked website. Swienty does not give any kind of approval to companies or products for which hyperlinks are created, and Swienty reserves the right to include this on its website. Swienty reserves the right to delete any link or linked program at any time. If you wish to visit any of the third-party websites linked to from this site, this is at your own risk.

    Customer service
    We gladly assist you with any questions, complaints and objections (Mo-Fri 9:00 – 16:00). You can reach us under:

    Tel. +45 7448 6969
    Fax. +45 7448 8001

    Sales conditions valid from 12/2019.