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    How can we help you?

    Here you can find the answers to the most asked questions considering your Swienty product.
    If you do not find the answer, you can contact us at or 73 42 20 01.

    Why is my filling machine not starting?

    • Is it connected to the power supply?
    • Is there light in the display? If not please contact us at: +45 73 42 20 01

    Why does the weight not match with what the machine displays?

     Is the machine calibrated correctly?
    Put a jar on a scale and reset the scale
    Put the jar under the pump housing
    Press start on the keyboard. The machine must be set to FILL, aswell as on the desired programme (the desired amount of g/oz that should be filled)
    Put the filled jar back on the scale and read it 
    Press on [+] and/or [-] on the fillingmachine until the number you read from the scale is shown on the display
    Save by pressing [CALIBRATE]
    Repeat the calibration, if the difference between the weight and the filling amount is high 
    The machine is now calibrated and ready for filling 
    • Is there air in the honey? Look below 
    • Is the antidrip mounted in the correct way? See instructions here

    Why is there air in my honey?

    • Is the product inflow optimal?
    The hose must be pushed so far over the fitting so the hose clamp is placed on the inside of the bulge
    • Check if the hose is leakproof
    • Check if the pump house is tightened properly
    • Check if the O-ring is mounted correctly in its track in the pump housing 
    • Check if the O-ring in the inlet and outlet fitting are intact
    • Check if the inlet fitting is tightened correct 
    The fittings can be tightened without tools. Grasp the nut with your left hand and the fitting/hose with your right. Pull clockwise on the fitting and nut. Check the tank fittings as well!
    • Lower the antidrip value:
    Press [ANTI DRIP] on the keyboard.
    The number that is blinking in the display, stands for the backflow impulse. 
    Change the number with the keys [+]/[-] (the bigger the number, the more backflow. Is the number too low, the machine drips, is it too high, the machine sucks in too much air).
    Save by pressing [ENTER].
    • If there is still air in the honey, after following all the above-mentioned steps, please contact us at: +45 73 42 20 01

    Why does my filling machine not pump, even though it starts? 

    • Have you filled the pump housing with your filling substance?
    • Check pump direction. The arrow in the right corner of the display should point down for pumping.

    What do I do, if my display does not count up after starting? 

    Reset the desired programme by setting it to factory settings. (The values that have been changed by yourself, need to be programmed again after that).
    Press [MENU], now the parameters are shown on the display
    Press [+] 3 times until RESET blinks on the display

    Press [ENTER] to choose reset. The current programme now blinks on the display
    Press [+] or [-] to choose the programme you want to reset
    Press [ENTER] again to reset the chosen programme. The original values are now loaded
    To leave the menu, press [STOP/BACK]

    What does it mean if my filling machine shows "engine overloaded" at the display?

     The filling substance is too tough and the speed set too high. Let the machine cool down and lower the speed, see below. If this doesn’t help, check for mechanical errors  in the pump housing. If this doesn’t solve the problem, please contact us at: +45 73 42 20 01.

    What does it mean, if the display shows ”Error pump”?

    • Check if the pump housing is mounted correctly and the logo is not upside down.
    • Make sure that the handmountable nuts are tightened and tightened evenly.

    Why is the machine dripping, even though the antidrip is activated?

    Set a waiting time between fillings e.g..: 1 sec. This is often used in connection with a turntable. TIME READY can be used to prolong the dripping for very tough honey. If you use the machine with a foot pedal, TIME READY can be set as a break between two fillings, so you have time to remove the filled jar and place an empty one. TIME READY can be set from 0,00S to 9,90S in steps of 0,10S (factory setting is 0,10S).
    Press [MENU], now the parameters are shown on the display, press [-] 3 times until TIME READY blinks on the display.
    Press [ENTER] to choose.
    Press on [+] or [-] to set the value to 1,00 sec.
    Press [ENTER] again.
    To leave the menu, p
    ress on [STOP/BACK].

    How do I set the machine, if the substance foams, when I fill?

    When using the speed programmes. These should be used if there is a glass or something else that is supposed to be filled, where there is a desired automatic change in motor speed, during tapping, typically for liquids that foam alot
    Press on [ENTER], P(1-20) shows. The last used programme number flashes.
    Press on [+]/[-] to change the programme number.   
    Press afterwards on [ENTER] to see the parameter for the chosen programme.

    Speed 1: (Can be set from 10% to 100% in steps of 5% (Factory setting is 100%)). This parameter determines the motor’s speed during filling if parameters START 2 and START 3 are set to 100%, otherwise this parameter only determines the start speed until parameter START 2 or START 3 amount are reached. This parameter can also be set directly by using the [SPEED] button.

    Start 2: 
    Determines when the motor’s speed should be changed to parameter SPEED 2. START 2 can be set from 1% to 100% of the entire filing amount in steps of 1% (Factory setting is 100%).

    Speed 2: Determines motor speed after amount of START 2 is reached.

    Start 3: Determines when the motor’s speed should be changed to parameter SPEED 3. Only use for containers where you would like an automatic change of speed during filling. START 3 can be set from 1% to 100% of the total filling amount in steps of 1% (Factory setting is 100%).

    Speed 3: 
    Determines the motor’s speed after amount START 3 has been reached.

    How do I get the fixed gear in the pump housing out? 

    • You need to use a locking ring plier that can reach down and grasp the two holes in the locking ring that clamps around the drive shaft. Clampthe ring together and pull it up, after which you can take out the gear wheel.

    If you did not find an answer to your question you are welcome to contact us at.: +45 73 42 20 01