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    Complete Honey Processing Installations, World wide

    For many years we have been involved ind both small and large scaled projects world wide. We are able to help you in all phases from design to fabrication and installation of everythingfrom single filling machines, up to complete honey filtering-, filling-, and packaging lines.

    These are some of the projects we have been involved in:

    Gandaki in Nepal
    A small but efficient honey processing facility in Nepal. Installed 2004 under a B2B project financed by the Danish Government.

    Gandaki is the leading quality brand for Nepalese honey and sold throughout Nepal.

    The complete plant consists of a melting room, melting vat, washing room for buckets, storage tanks for honey, filling machine and table, mini lab facility. We installed the plant at the Gandaki premises and trained the Gandaki staff in honey processing and modern beekeeping techniques.

    Unfortunately the entire plant was damaged under the devastating Earthquake in 2016 in Nepal. In 2019 our technician, Palle, left for Nepal. Fortunately, only a few parts had to be replaced and repaired. Most machines could be used again after a thorough cleaning.

    Gandaki before SwientyAfter the earthquakethe new fillingline

    Bee Natural Products in Uganda
    The complete plant consists of a honey crusher to take honeycombs, a centrifugal extraction system, to extract honey from the wax/honey mix. A wax melting system to recover 99% of all honey and beeswax. Double walled storage tanks, double walled homogenizer, full automatic filling line for plastic tubs and glass jars.

    We installed the plant in Uganda and gave technical training to the Bee Natural Staff. Bee Natural Honey is today the leading honey brand in Uganda.

    Bee natural processingroom ugandaBee natural processingroom ugandaBee natural processingroom uganda

    Silan Honey in Iran
    A large installations for Silan Honey in Iran.

    The plant consists of a full automatic wax processing and foundation moulding plant, full automatic extracting set-up and a full automatic filling line for various kind of jars and types of honey. The total processing capacity of this plant is +1000 tonnes annually. We installed the plant in Iran and gave technical training to Silan Honey.

    Iran project ettiketeringIran project fillinglineSwienty Silan honey project Iran

    APV Middle East
    We Installed a fullautomatic filling plant for a subcontractor for APV Middle East.

    projekt saudi arabienprojekt saudi arabienprojekt saudi arabien

    AlHawwaj Food Industries Co.
    In June 2022, we installed a complete filling line with tanks at a customer in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

    Very hospitable and nice employees. It was an exciting process where the customer needed the machine to be adapted and installed so that it could handle many different containers.

    After installation, they have received technical training and start-up support.

    projekt saudi arabienprojekt saudi arabienprojekt saudi arabien

    and many more.... Do you need help for a project?

    Call us and have a non-binding talk at 004574486969