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    Beekeeping equipment and beekeeping supplies since 1981!

    ”It’s happening” in Sønderborg

    We are located in Sønderborg, a dynamic, industrious city by the Danish-German border. It is here we have our production, administration, our showroom and our warehouse with over 1000 different products.

    And we continue to win prices…
    Swienty A/S has been awarded numerous awards during recent years. Several times we have received medals at Apimondia. Most recently a gold medal in Dublin 2005 for "Best technical invention”. A couple of months before that, the company’s "Grand old man” and founder, Bernhard Swienty received the highest honour of the Danish Beekeeping Federation "The Golden Needle” for his pioneering work and life-long involvement with Danish beekeeping.

    Swienty World Wide
    We are convinced that our success builds on the extensive experience and knowledge we gain by operating both domestically and abroad. We pride ourselves in serving everybody equally well, whether they are located next door or in Nepal! 
    During the last 35 years we have been sending our products to all corners of the world, something that has given us unparalleled experience and know-how in exports, logistics and freight. We therefore ship fast, cheaply and safely to everywhere. We are truly world wide. 

    Also in Purchasing we operate internationally. We are always on the lookout for new and improved products from all over the world for our catalogue. This means, that you will always be able to find the cutting edge of beekeeping technology at Swienty’s.

    Core areas
    Innovation, quality and utility are key elements in our more than 50 "home grown” products which more or less fall within the following 4 categories:

    1. Filling
    Our famous DANA api MATIC product line, one of our flagships, is the most reliable filling system on the market. It is professional, flexible and can be upgraded continuously to meet the requirements of an expanding business.

    2. Heating Technology
    Our DANA api THERMA heating- and straining systems are ideal for honey processing, straining and liquefaction. The tools are effective yet gentle on the honey, which preserves the quality of the honey at the same time as reducing the workload considerably.

    3. Polystyrene beehives
    Our top quality polystyrene beehives SWI-BO are manufactured in several hive sizes: The international Langstroth, Modified Dadant, the Danish 12x10 and the two most important British sizes, Smith and National. For these hives we carry everything, from hivebodies to feedingtrays and springs.

    4. Queen Breeding
    Our high quality equipment covers every aspect of queenbreeding: API-QUEEN PUZZLE shipping cages, SWI-BINE mating hives, Swienty Incubators and of course our award winning Swienty artificial insemination apparatus.

    We have always been internationally oriented, which is really showing now. Our filling solutions have been going out to all corners of the world, amongst others Nepal, and our most recent shipment of a complete filling line to His Royal Highness the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. 
    Therefore it is truly hard to imagine that everything started with a small hobby store more than 35 years ago.  

    The founder of the company Bernhard Swienty’s huge contribution to beekeeping in Denmark was recently honoured with the Danish Beekeeping Federations highest honour, "The Golden Needle” which we are all very proud of because it shows how deeply we remain connected to the beekeeping world and the people in it.

    This relationship supplies us with unending ideas and inspiration, and is in more ways than one, our beach head to the global market.
    We are itching to get the new and eagerly anticipated season on the way, as we are sure you do too. We wish you (and your bees) all the best, and look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,  Swienty A/S

    Swienty Awards
    1987 - Gold Warszawa - DANA api MATIC
    1987 - Silver Warszawa - Insemination Apparatus
    2003 - Silver Slovenia - Manual lid-fitter
    2005 - Bronze Dublin - World extractor
    2015 - Bronze Daejon - Varroatester
    2019 - Gold Montreal - Best looking stand, large stand category

    2001 - Børsen Gazelle
    2002 - Børsen Gazelle
    2003 - Børsen Gazelle
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